It’s because of your support that Brother Wolf is able to save lives every day. Today, we want to tell you about a few animals whose lives have recently been forever changed thanks to you.
Short, sweet, and wiggly all over…that describes Bernie perfectly! Bernie came to us from a partner shelter. At 10 years old he still has a lot of love to give. He warms up to new people right away and just loves back rubs. Look at that great smile! This dapper old man will soon find a family of his own to cuddle up on the couch with.
Strudel, Fritter, and Eclair were found alone and cold in thick tall grass just feet from a very busy road. After their mom didn’t return for many hours, a concerned neighbor called Brother Wolf and our Community Cats team brought these three little ones in for urgent medical care. They are now in a loving foster home being fed every two hours in order to grow big and strong. Soon they will be ready for adoption! Our Community Cats program provides services that help reduce the number of cats entering overcrowded shelters in Western NC, including barn cat placement, assisting with spay and neuter surgeries, and saving kittens!