BWAR foster families are our heart.

By placing a dog, cat, puppy, kitten, or other animal into a foster home, we’re able to expand our capacity to save even more lives. We make fostering fun, easy, and rewarding.

Think you don’t have room to foster an animal in need? If you have a garage or basement, spare bedroom, or bathroom, you can give shelter to an animal in need of temporary housing.

Can’t afford another pet? No problem! All expenses are covered.

Afraid you’ll get attached? While it’s true that some of our foster parents end up adopting, most folks are able to let their foster animal go with the bittersweet joy of knowing they have saved a life, and that another animal needs their help next!

  • Zero medical expenses for you
  • Food provided as-needed
  • Additional supplies available (crate, leash and harness, playpens/kitty condos for young animals, etc)
  • Help a pet who is too stressed at the shelter
  • Help a pet recover from a medical procedure or illness
  • Experience the joy of birth and babyhood when fostering a pregnant mom through her delivery, or a mother with her young pups or kittens. Foster time for baby animals typically lasts until the animal(s) is/are old enough for spay/neuter (8 weeks).
  • Foster care can last as short as two weeks. This gives us time to bring the animal up to date on vaccinations and make space for him/her at the Adoption Center. This short amount of time in your life will often mean the difference between life and death for an animal in need.
  • Short term respite care from a few days to a week is needed to give long-term foster parents a break.
  • Fospice homes (for animals with a terminal illness but good quality of life) are always needed.
  • Over 400 animals each day are cared for in our amazing foster home network. Be that most vital link for a pet while it goes from homeless uncertainty to a loving, forever home! Email to learn more, or call (828) 505-3440, extension 112.

Can I Foster?

Please ensure you meet these requirements to be able to foster for BWAR:

  • I live within one hour of Asheville, NC, or in a BWAR County Chapter (currently McDowell, NC; Henderson, NC; Rutherford, NC and Dickenson, VA.) If you live outside of one of these areas, you may still be able to foster for BWAR or we can direct you to another group who needs your help!
  • I am able and willing to transport pet to veterinary appointments and adoption days as needed
  • I own my home, or my landlord allows pets and I’ve notified them of my desire to foster for BWAR (we must call landlords to confirm)
  • Everyone in my home is in agreement of fostering
  • If anyone in my home has allergies, the foster animal can be kept separate
  • I am able to totally separate my foster animal from my own pet(s), especially during the quarantine period of two weeks (sometimes longer) and/or feeding time (crate can be provided!)
  • Another person is available to transport the animal in case of emergency if I am unavailable

We’re grateful that you are interested in being a life-saving foster parent! If you meet the above requirements, please complete the form below and we will get back to you within 24 hours!

*If you’re interested in fostering ‘farm’ animals like pigs, please complete a separate form.*