Every week you impact animals’ lives by supporting Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Just last week, we took in over 70 cats who were at risk of euthanasia simply due to lack of space at overcrowded, rural shelters. These cats and kittens are safe and happy today thanks to you. On behalf of the animals who depend on us, thank you for making the world a kinder place.

Lil Beth came to Brother Wolf when her previous home could no longer care for her. Lil Beth had a mass on her left side that needed to be treated by our veterinarian. Luckily, it was found to not be cancerous and was healed with antibiotics. Once she felt better we really saw Lil Beth’s personality shine! She loves to participate in playgroups and acts like a referee to the other dogs to keep them from being too crazy. She is a beautiful girl with her silvery coat and goofy smile. We’re so happy to report that Lil Beth was adopted into a loving home just last week!

Frenchie came to us in bad shape. A caring family found her while they were walking along the French Broad River in Asheville. If they hadn’t found her when they did, she wouldn’t have made it.

Just a tiny kitten, Frenchie was malnourished, wounded, and covered in maggots — but we could tell she had a strong spirit! Once she was strong enough to get back on her feet, we noticed that she was very wobbly.

Our veterinarian determined that Frenchie has cerebellar hypoplasia, which is commonly referred to as wobbly cat syndrome. She may not move like most other kittens but she doesn’t seem to notice and loves life just the same.


Thank you for your support that allows Brother Wolf to help hundreds of animals like Frenchie and Lil Beth. Together we save lives!