Brother Wolf Annual Outcomes

2020 Impact Report!

2019 Impact Report

Annual Outcomes

Since 2016, Brother Wolf has calculated and published our Shelter Animals Count Basic Animal Data Matrix. This data represents the number of animals who were assisted by our shelter and adoption program during each calendar year, and their outcomes.

Not included in the Basic Animal Data Matrix are animals we assisted through programs beyond our shelter and adoption program:

  • Animals who are spayed, neutered, or vaccinated on our mobile clinic
  • Cats who are assisted through our Community Cat Program: Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return and colony food assistance
  • Animals who are provided with services to help keep them in their homes
  • Animals transported to northern shelter partners for adoption

Our live release rate is the percentage of homeless animals who enter our shelter and adoption program and who have a live outcome, such as adoption. The live release rate is calculated by dividing the total number of live outcomes by the total of all outcomes for that particular year. Brother Wolf’s live release rate for 2020 is 96.2%.

When reviewing an organization’s live release rate, it’s also important to take note of data that isn’t captured by any single metric such as: 

  • The landscape and needs of the community an organization is serving.
  • The characteristics of animals an organization is helping (sick, injured, neonatal, abused animals, etc.).
  • What other programs an organization provides to assist animals in their community and the total number of animals which an organization impacts.
  • The average length of stay for animals entering a particular shelter.
  • An organization’s capacity for care, i.e. matching the organization’s available resources with the animals they can adequately care for.

At Brother Wolf, we publish an annual Impact Report, that explains the breadth of our programs and impact for animals in Western North Carolina. Thanks to our donors, volunteers, staff, fosters, and supporters, Brother Wolf impacts the lives of over 9,000 animals a year!