Community Cat Program


In an effort to best utilize our resources and make the most significant impact for the animals we all care about, we have made modifications to our program.

We are currently supporting community cats in the following ways…

  • Facilitating barn cat/working cat adoption placements in our community so that semi-social or unsocialized cats have the opportunity to live out their lives in a setting they prefer while being cared for.
  • Taking in outdoor cats from overflowing shelter partners who oftentimes do not have programs to help unsocialized or semi-social cats.
  • Collaborating with groups in Western NC to provide spay/neuter services to community cats through our mobile spay/neuter clinic.
  • Taking in very young kittens who are found on the streets in Buncombe County so that they can be socialized and cared for until they are old enough to be adopted into a loving home.


Still need help? Please see additional resources below:

Sister Kitten

Rescues and rehomes abandoned and neglected animals, provides trap-neuter-return (TNR) as well as support, education, and assistance to community cat caregivers.


Dedicated to improving the lives of community cats and humanely reducing their number by utilizing TNR. 

ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance

Offering free spay and neuter surgery to community cats trapped in Buncombe County and low-cost options for cats trapped outside of Buncombe County.

Asheville Cat Weirdos

Lends out traps so that you can humanely trap community cats in order to get them spayed/neutered.

Brother Wolf Intake Requests

To request intake for any kittens under two months old found living on the streets in Buncombe County email If you are outside Buncombe County, please contact your county’s animal rescue agency.