How to Become a Volunteer at BWAR

Becoming a volunteer with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is easy! Our Volunteer Program is open to everyone. Our volunteer management software, Digital Cheetah, makes it easy to sign up! Click here to access our application, waiver, orientation video, and quiz. After you complete these materials, allow two business days for your profile to be activated. You will use your Digital Cheetah profile to sign up for volunteer opportunities, log your hours, and more! That’s all there is to it!

Frequently Asked Questions

We want to get you started on the right foot! Check out a list of FAQs here. You can also reach our volunteer coordinator at if you need additional help.

About our Volunteer Program

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a volunteer-centric organization! The work we do to save animals requires community participation, and one of the most effective ways to get involved is through volunteering.  We have many different volunteer opportunities at Brother Wolf:

  • tree-generations-of-volunteers-mother-girl-grandmothercatsYou can help out out at the Adoption Center by socializing cats, doing laundry and dishes, walking dogs, helping at the front desk, training dogs with the Behavior and Enrichment Team, and much more!
  • You can help out with adoption, fundraising, and outreach events we hold throughout the year.
  • You can work at our Second Chances Thrift Store. All proceeds go directly to helping our animals!
  • You can work from home or remotely by helping with administrative tasks like data entry or follow-up phone calls to adopters.
  • You can join our Outward Hounds Hiking Club and take dogs on hikes throughout the Asheville area. 
  • You can help us with transport by driving animals to and from the vet for spay/neuter surgeries and other medical needs, or picking up animals from other shelters to bring back to Brother Wolf.
  • You can become involved in our Community Cats program and help humanely manage and care for our community’s feral cat population.
  • You can volunteer in our Rapid Response program. Brother Wolf responds to natural disasters in the Southeast by deploying to the site, rescuing animals in the field, transporting animals to other shelters, and supporting shelters affected by the disaster. (Volunteering with our Rapid Response program requires screening and training, so please email if you are interested!)

These are just a few of of the things volunteers can help with! We share new opportunities and projects with volunteers every month by email and in our Volunteer Newsletter. I hope you’ll consider joining our volunteer team!

Volunteer Levels System


Brother Wolf rescues animals at the top 10% of the No-Kill curve, which means that we often take in animals that need some health or behavioral rehabilitation while they’re in our care. Since our animal population is unique in this way, we have created a volunteer levels system to ensure our volunteers are well-prepared to work with our animals.

Volunteer levels are classified by a color and symbol, and they correspond with the levels of dogs in our care. These levels range from least challenging dog (Yellow Clubs) to most challenging (Green Spades). All of our dogs are adoptable; these levels simply help us to create individualized care plans for each dog and to ensure that volunteers only work with animals they are qualified to handle. As you achieve each level, you become qualified to work with more of the dogs in our care. We use colored wristbands to identify volunteer levels.

Here are our volunteer levels and details about how to progress through our levels system:

  1. Post-Orientation: This is the first volunteer level. All that is required is to watch our orientation video and pass the quiz that follows. You may work with cats, help out around the Adoption Center, work at our thrift store, and help with many of our events at this level.
  2. Yellow Clubs: To reach this level, you must take our Shelter Dogs 101 class. Once at this level, you can begin walking and interacting with our Yellow Clubs dogs (staff must harness dogs for you for walks).
  3. Orange Diamonds: Once you reach 15 hours of volunteer service (working at the Adoption Center or at events with animals), you automatically reach this level. You can then start walking and interacting with our Orange Diamonds dogs (staff must harness dogs for you for walks).
  4. Pink Hearts: To reach this level, you must take our Harnessing and Working with BWAR Dogs class. Then, you can begin walking and interacting with our Pink Hearts dogs and you can harness dogs for walks on your own at this level.
  5. Green Spades: This is the highest volunteer level. To attain Green Spades status, you must have completed a minimum of 30 hours of service and you must take our three Green Spades classes: Working with Leash-Reactive Dogs, Working with Jumpy/Mouthy Dogs, and Working with Fearful Dogs.

young-woman-college-intern-volunteer-sm Internship Opportunities

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is always looking for qualified interns to help further our life-saving programs. We accept college-level interns year-round in many of our departments. Please send an email to with your resume and a cover letter if you’re interested in completing an internship with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Some departments you could work in include Foster, Volunteer, Behavior and Enrichment, Data, Donor Relations, Community Cats (TNR), Front Desk, Media and Marketing, and Medical.