Volunteer with Brother Wolf

Changes Due to COVID-19

Volunteer and community service programs have been suspended as of March 18th due to COVID-19. Volunteer orientations have been cancelled. If you are interested in volunteering with Brother Wolf in the future, please complete the application process and we will be in touch with you once our volunteer program starts up again, thank you! Questions about volunteering at Brother Wolf can be directed to volunteer@bwar.org.


Volunteers help with nearly every aspect of our work and are a vital part of providing care and enrichment to our animals. Whether you’d like to work with dogs or cats, provide direct care or work behind the scenes, spend time on our campus or work from the comfort of your home, we’d love to have your support!




If you’re looking for information about completing court-ordered community service click HERE.

Becoming a Brother Wolf Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer with Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is easy! Our Volunteer Program is open to everyone 18 years and older. Our volunteer management software, Digital Cheetah, makes it easy to sign up!

Click here to access our application and waiver.

After you complete these materials, you will receive email instructions with when to attend orientation. You will use your Digital Cheetah profile to sign up for volunteer opportunities, log your hours, and more. We ask that all volunteers commit to at least two shifts, or four hours per month, of service. All of the required classes and resources are free to Brother Wolf volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities
  • Help out out at the Adoption Center: socializing cats, doing laundry and dishes, walking dogs, helping at the front desk, training dogs, and much more! Only Brother Wolf volunteers who have completed the application process and required training classes are permitted to walk shelter dogs.
  • Volunteer at adoption and fundraising events.
  • Help out at our thrift store where all proceeds benefit the animals of Brother Wolf.
  • Take our shelter dogs hiking with our Outward Hounds Hiking Club.
  • Help with administrative tasks like data entry or follow-up phone calls to adopters remotely from your own home.
  • Drive animals to and from vet appointments or help with transporting animals to and from other shelters.
  • Help trap, neuter, and return outdoor cats through our Community Cats program.
  • Get a group together to do a supply drive at a local store.



Volunteer Level Systems

Volunteer levels are classified by a color and symbol, and they correspond with the levels of dogs in our care. These levels range from least challenging dog (Yellow Clubs) to most challenging (Green Spades). These levels simply help us to create individualized care plans for each dog and ensure that volunteers only work with animals they are qualified to handle. We use colored wristbands to identify volunteer levels.

  1. Post-Orientation: This is the first volunteer level. All that is required is to watch our orientation video and pass the quiz that follows. You may work with cats, help out around the Adoption Center, work at our thrift store, and help with many of our events at this level.
  2. Green: To reach this level, you must take our Shelter Dogs 101 class. Once at this level, you can begin walking and interacting with our Green level dogs (staff must harness dogs for you for walks).
  3. Yellow: Once you reach 15 hours of volunteer service (working at the Adoption Center or at events with animals), you automatically reach this level. You can then start walking and interacting with our Yellow level dogs (staff must harness dogs for you for walks).
  4. Orange: To reach this level, you must have at least 50 volunteer hours and take our Harnessing and Working with Brother Wolf Dogs class. Then, you can begin walking and interacting with our Orange level dogs and you can harness dogs for walks on your own at this level.
  5. Pink: This is the highest volunteer level. To attain Pink level status, you must have completed a minimum of 50 hours of service and you must take our Pink level class: Working with Fearful Dogs.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

Seeking a one-time group volunteering opportunity? Please email volunteer@bwar.org to discuss the best way for your group to help the animals of Brother Wolf. We are limited in our capacity to host large groups at the shelter and encourage groups to run supply drives at a local store – email us for more information.

Internship Opportunities

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is always looking for unpaid interns to help further our lifesaving programs. We accept interns year-round in many of our departments. If you’d like to be considered for an internship, please email a cover letter and resume to volunteer@bwar.org.