Valentine’s Day!! Puppies!!

Socially distanced Puppygrams? Yes, please! Bring a smile to your loved one’s face with a virtual puppy visit this Valentine’s Day! Spread love and puppy kisses! We have three options for you to choose from with all funds raised benefiting animals in need…

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Option 1: Puppy Valentine’s Video! Your loved one will receive a video with a happy Valentine’s Day message and lots of cute puppies to make them smile and feel loved.

Option 2: Personalized Puppy Video! *only 15 spots* Your loved one will receive a personalized video made just for them including a Valentine’s message from you featuring lots of cute puppies!

Option 3: Limited VIP! *only five spots* an in-person, covid safe visit with a puppy, plus a dozen roses and chocolates!

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy 4 or more Puppy Valentine’s Videos (Option 1) and receive a discount automatically! The more you buy, the more you save…and the more puppy love you spread in the world!

Here’s to making this Valentine’s Day just a little bit sweeter from your friends at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue!

Virtual Puppygrams will be emailed to recipients on Sun, Feb 14, 2021.

P.S Looking for another gift? This Limited Edition design is exactly what you have been waiting for! It’s cozy, cute and will make anyone who gets it feel special. There are tons of color and style options to choose from…shop now!