Every day is different at Brother Wolf. Sometimes it’s filled with endless joy. Sometimes your heartbreaks. Last night right before we closed, Blanch entered our lives…it was a heartbreak kind of day. She’s very sick, obviously confused, and must be in unimaginable pain. She needs help; she needs you.

I will help Blanch

Blanch has a mouth infection that is causing her nose to run endlessly, making it hard to breathe. She is severely obese and can barely walk across the room without having to sit down. There could be other issues we haven’t even discovered yet. 

She looks at you with her gentle eyes, so sweet, seemingly asking, “are you here to help me?” 

It is a beautiful thing to see our staff offer her comfort, a warm place to lay down, and the first of many rounds of medication to make her feel better. Our hearts are in this work, and we know your hearts are right there beside us. 

Together we can change Blanche’s entire world, and together we can show her she is worth something, worth caring about, worth saving. 

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