Is there anything better than a journey story? Today we have two happy stories that will fill your heart all the way to the top! To see an animal go from a broken heart, completely shut down, closing their eyes tightly out of fear — to happy, fully giving and receiving love, looking you right in the eyes with trust and appreciation…this is what Brother Wolf is here for: to heal, to teach love, and to find happy ever afters for the animals who need us.

I want to support an animal on their journey!

You might remember Blanch the sweet, elderly, hairless cat who was suffering from a horrible infection and could barely walk. After receiving the veterinary care she needed and healing in a loving foster home, Blanch found a family who will never let her live in pain again. She’s being spoiled like the princess she is and her golden years will be the best days of her life.

Remember Bean & Sprout, the two innocent puppies who were tossed out of a car window like trash? They were so terrified they wouldn’t eat for days. Slowly they learned to be typical puppies, playing and enjoying life with their foster mom and learning how to trust again. Bean and Sprout have been adopted into loving families where they will never feel disregarded again.

Thank you for being a part of their journey. Thank you for showing them that people are good, people care, and people won’t let them down again. You can help the next animal who comes to us for love and healing by making a donation today, thank you.