It takes the collaboration of our whole community to save the lives of animals in need. This was certainly true for Oona, a dog who found her forever home thanks to the many people who came together to save her.

On a stormy evening in Barnardsville, Oona was found alone on an empty road. She was wandering in the downpour and was scared. She had no food or shelter, and her thick Great Pyrenees coat was drenched from the heavy rain. The woman who found Oona brought her home, dried her off, and helped her warm up with food and water. It finally seemed like Oona was safe, but later that night she experienced six seizures that left her weary and confused.

Concerned for Oona’s wellbeing, the woman brought her to Asheville Humane Society (AHS) to see if they could help. AHS immediately evaluated Oona and put her on medication to help with the seizures. They began looking for a foster placement where she could recover, and reached out to Brother Wolf to see if we could help find the right foster home. We posted Oona on our daily foster newsletter, the Foster Fetch, and hoped that one of our foster parents would take Oona home to rest.

One of our fosters, Cathy, soon came forward wanting to help. She had cared for a dog with seizures in the past, and Oona’s fluffy face and big smile immediately called to her. Cathy brought her home and Oona quickly settled into her foster family. AHS stayed in constant communication with Cathy and Brother Wolf to ensure that Oona was stable and comfortable throughout the transition.

It only took two days for Oona to become a foster fail! Cathy and her husband decided to adopt Oona within 48 hours of bringing her home. “Oona has made our home complete! She is truly amazing and ever so loving,” shared Cathy. “We couldn’t have found a better match for us.” Oona has been free of seizures since going on medication, so she can now fully embrace being a dog—chasing her two dog siblings around the yard during the day and enjoying evening walks on the golf course.

Oona’s story shows how important it is to work together to save lives. Brother Wolf, Asheville Humane Society, her foster (now adoptive!) family, and the kind individual who picked her up on the side of the road all played an important role in turning Oona’s life around.


From Cathy, Oona’s adopter: “Thank you to both organizations that work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of all creatures! You all certainly made a difference for this family—and for a dog with a disability of seizures, but the greatest ability to love!”