Pearl came to Brother Wolf after narrowly avoiding a tragic fate. This spring, Brother Wolf rescued Pearl and several other dogs from euthenasia at a high kill Western North Carolina shelter. We were able to save her life, but Pearl’s initial transition was not easy.  Within her first few days at Brother Wolf, Pearl experienced a grand mal seizure that lasted for two minutes and left her disoriented and scared. It seemed as though her life was again on the line. To ensure her safety, we sent Pearl to a local veterinary hospital for the weekend so that she could be closely monitored around-the-clock.

For the next few weeks, she stayed in our Adoption Center and was happy and seizure-free. Pearl soon won the hearts of a kind couple who were immediately drawn to her affectionate disposition and big, happy grin! Our team wanted to make sure that Pearl could feel fully comfortable and avoid another seizure, so we sent her home with the couple as a foster-to-adopt. Pearl immediately felt right at home and settled in easily with her new family. It seemed like the perfect place for her!

But after a week, Pearl experienced another severe seizure. Although her bloodwork turned out to be normal, it was clear that periodic seizures might always be a part of Pearl’s life.

 Some adopters would have been deterred by this possibility, but Pearl’s new family was steadfast. They loved her so much that they were devoted to providing any and all care that Pearl might need. They finalized her adoption and brought Pearl home for good! 

Like many of our animals, Pearl had a complicated journey that led to a happy ending. Thanks to your donations, the efforts of our Brother Wolf team, and the love of her new family, Pearl was able to find the forever home she deserves.