As we continue our daily work to save the lives of animals in need, it’s critical to collaborate with other animal welfare programs that share a similar mission. We recently began working with the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC), a new facility in Weaverville that offers behavioral rehabilitation to severely fearful dogs.

The BRC takes in dogs whose fear is so severe that it compromises their quality of life and makes adoption challenging or impossible. Two Brother Wolf dogs, Jax and Yancy, fit this criteria and we were thrilled when they were accepted into the rehabilitation program! In exchange, we took on three BRC program graduates who have completed the program and are ready for adoption.

We want to shine a spotlight on these three graduates, Russet, Ruffles, and Thomas, who have worked very hard to become more comfortable with everyday life and are now ready for a nurturing, forever home!

Russet (affectionately known as “scared potato”) was rescued from a violent case of dog-fighting. He finds comfort in being around other dogs, and will need a home where he can have a dog companion to help him gain confidence. He has become a favorite in Brother Wolf’s Outward Hounds hiking group, where he has been able to enjoy the quiet of the outdoors with his dog friends! He is very sound sensitive and still quite fearful, so on walks he will occasionally lie down and refuse to move for a minute or so. With patience and coaxing, he always gets back up and continues on.


Russet loves snuggling with his buddy, Ruffles, a terrier mix who was fondly referred to as “fruitbat” at the BRC because of her big, adorable ears. Like Russet, she finds solace in being around other dogs and will even lay on top of other dogs in order to feel safe and secure! Ruffles needs a home with another dog so that she can be fully comfortable. She was brutally struck by her previous owner, so her lip droops on the right side and she is still frightened of touch and handling. With the work of our staff and volunteers, she is learning to trust affection more and more each day!

Thomas loves to burrow into blankets or under beds for comfort. The stress and noise of the shelter was very difficult for Thomas, so he has been working on his confidence in a Brother Wolf foster home. He is still quite fearful, but the peaceful environment of Thomas’s foster home has helped him become more outgoing. He is very comfortable with cats and dogs, and has become more open to touch and handling. He even solicits affection from his foster mom now!


We are excited to continue working with the BRC to save lives and find homes for dogs like Russet, Ruffles, and Thomas. We hope you’ll consider giving these dogs a forever home where they can continue to feel safe, comfortable, and loved.