Sometimes the perfect family comes together when the timing aligns just so. Dohlie was surrendered to Brother Wolf as a senior dog, but she soon found a home thanks to a joyful coincidence. Dohlie spent her life with the same family for many years. When she turned twelve, Dohlie’s family had a baby and she struggled to adjust to the change. Her family was concerned about the dynamic and brought Dohlie to Brother Wolf.

We knew it might take some time before Dohlie found a new family because of her age. But Dohlie’s life took a surprising turn! Within a few short days, she was adopted by an old friend named Mary. Mary had shared an Asheville neighborhood with Dohlie for many years before moving to a different town. She had watched the sweet dog play with neighborhood children, and welcomed visits when Dohlie came to say hello. “She came to my house every day to get a cookie,” Mary recalls. 

On a recent drive to our Second Chances Thrift Store, Mary noticed a volunteer walking an older black dog beside the road. The dog looked very familiar to her. When Mary parked her car and went over to take a closer look, she realized the dog was Dohlie! After an excited reunion, Mary headed to our Adoption Center to take Dohlie home. “I just had to adopt her. She deserves to have a family who loves her in her senior years.” 

We are thrilled that Dohlie and Mary’s lives converged! Mary tells us that Dohlie has been munching on lots of cookies and enjoying naps in the sun. Mary is enjoying having a furry companion around every day, and is glad to give Dohlie a place to spend her golden years. “I’m so happy that we were at the right place at the right time!”