The clock is ticking – only 9 hours remain for our GivingTuesday match challenge where you can DOUBLE your donation up to $40,000!

For dogs like Freckles, support from generous people like you is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Behind her wagging tail and bright smile, Freckles was hiding excruciating pain. Despite her clear desire to run and play, this sweetie could hardly place pressure on her hind leg.

Double My Donation

Freckles needed orthopedic surgery to fix an old knee injury. She had most likely been hit by a car long before arriving at Brother Wolf, and our hearts broke at the thought of her managing this immense amount of suffering alone for so long.

To make a full recovery, Freckles needed major surgery, followed by weeks of rest, and physical therapy. But we never once worried about Freckles’ future, thanks to you.

Today we’re asking you to send in a donation to provide relief for other suffering dogs in our community like Freckles. Help us show them a happy and fulfilling life, surrounded in love.

Your selfless acts of kindness fill animals’ lives with goodness. So many are still waiting for that helping hand, thank you.

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