We have a generous donor who wants to help the most vulnerable animals in our community. They are matching all donations up to $40,000 today…but only until midnight! The animals of Brother Wolf are counting on your support. Will you stand up for them?

When caring people like you take action, sweet cats like Dice and Glendale are given the once in a lifetime chance at finding their very own happily ever after.

I will help homeless animals!
Six-year-old Dice and one-month-old Glendale were both found by our caring staff one morning. Glendale and his siblings’ timid meows could be heard outside of our thrift store where they had been left in a cardboard box, and Dice was found in a cat carrier at our adoption center front door, her scared eyes peering back at us.
When our community suffers, so do the animals we all love dearly. But with you by our side, we can give these animals the help they desperately need.
Double My Donation
It’s your support that makes it possible for us to provide expert care to each animal who comes to Brother Wolf. Dice needed specialized care for her painfully matted fur and arthritis. Glendale and his siblings needed socialization help within a loving foster home.

It’s caring donors like you who make it possible for us to give forgotten animals the care they deserve. We truly can not do this work without you. Please make your gift today and help us give other cats just like them an opportunity to live a joyful and pain-free life.

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