We’ve all seen the joyful smile of a dog with his head out the window, ears and tongue flopping wildly in the wind – absolutely loving the experience of a car ride. But when Sampson’s previous owner put him in the car, Sampson sadly had a very different experience. Tragically, his body was tossed out of the window leaving him abandoned and trembling with fear.

Thank goodness for a few kind people who saw this horrible event take place and rushed to help Sampson. They weren’t sure where to find refuge for him and tried calling several resources, but no one could help…until they reached Brother Wolf. We knew that without anyone else stepping up to help, it was critical for Brother Wolf to help change Sampson’s life for the better.

I will help dogs like Sampson!
As our most dedicated supporters, we know you believe that all animals deserve to live joyfully and peacefully. You, like us, want to see our most beloved four-legged companions have a life without pain, suffering, or fear.

Through the month of December, you have the power to make double the difference for once homeless animals in our community like Sampson. Thanks to the help of generous donors, all gifts will be matched up to $100,000 until the end of 2023! Your support could not come at a more critical time.

Having been discarded by the only people he ever knew, Sampson had lost all sense of trust in humans. He must have wondered if his family would come back for him. After a thorough exam from our medical team, Sampson spent time in one of our loving foster families. He learned that humans can be kind and other dogs can make the best of friends! Most importantly, Sampson learned that he was safe and loved.

At Brother Wolf, dogs just like Sampson arrive at our doorstep every day in search of warmth, food, and medical treatment. Please send your compassionate holiday gift today to make a lifesaving difference for those animals who need us most while gifts are being DOUBLED, thank you.