Happy Birthday Romeo!! It was a first for all of us…an eighteenth birthday party for a Brother Wolf dog! Our staff put together a big celebration for this special boy. With party hats and huge smiles on, we sang him Happy Birthday. You see, Romeo is part of Brother Wolf’s fospice program, a foster-hospice program for animals who come to us with a terminal illness or who are at the very end of their life. When Romeo first arrived at Brother Wolf two years ago, he had a long list of health issues. Our medical team knew his aging body had little time left, so we found a loving fospice home where he could be pampered for, what we thought would be, his final few months.

Romeo was happy to prove us wrong…and we’re thrilled he did! He decided very quickly that he LOVES his foster mom and being spoiled all day. He wasn’t about to let his health issues beat him when life had just become so good.

Romeo is mostly deaf, has limited sight, arthritis, and a failing heart. But none of that keeps him from enjoying life each day, especially when the day includes a birthday cake just for him! Romeo lives in his fospice home with a mom who loves him with all of her heart. He visits Brother Wolf monthly for a medical checkup and a toenail trim. He loves to have his nails trimmed and rolls over on his back while our team gives him lots of belly rubs and treats. We don’t know how much time this big guy has left, but we hope he’s around for another couple of years to get spoiled like he deserves. 

When you support Brother Wolf, you help us provide specialized care for each animal who comes to our doorstep. Thanks to you, Romeo’s senior years have been his best years.