You may have heard about the historic rescue of 4,000 beagles from a facility with unimaginably horrific conditions (read more here). At Brother Wolf, we knew right away we’d help however we could. We reached out to our foster homes and got started on what they would need to feel comfortable and safe: time to decompress, other friendly dogs to show them how to live in a house, patience, and kindness in every action.

Before their rescue, these beagles never experienced a kind touch, a walk outside, grass under their feet, or so many other things we take for granted. Everything is new for them, and while they are still often nervous or scared, they are loving their new lives!

Every day we experience how much animals can teach us. Our biggest takeaway from the beagles….forgiveness. They do not hold grudges; they have no hate in their hearts. They are grateful for their new lives full of sunshine and joy, playtime, friends, and restful sleep. 

We are grateful to our foster homes, our adopters, and for supporters like you who make this work possible. Thank you for showing animals there are good, kind people who care about them. Thank you for helping us change these beagles’ lives, forever. 

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