Dogs are our best friends. This was especially true for Edith and her mom. They spent ten years sharing in each other’s love and friendship. But Edith’s mom’s health was failing. It had become very difficult for her to care for herself and Edith.

She soon knew that there was no other choice – Edith needed help that she could no longer provide. So she gave Edith a bath and trimmed her nails. She cleaned and folded Edith’s favorite blankets and packed up her favorite toys. We can’t imagine how hard it was to leave her best friend, her companion of ten years, at our doorstep and walk back to her car alone. We’re so glad that she trusted us and that Brother Wolf could give Edith a safe place to land.

It was clear that Edith was deeply loved her entire life, but an eye infection that had started small was now causing Edith constant pain. We got Edith in right away for surgery. During her recovery, a family heard her story and was deeply touched – they already shared their life with a spoiled senior Boston Terrier and knew they could give Edith the care and love she needed.

As Edith settled into her new life (and played like a pup with her new friend!), we got a call from her first momma. She hadn’t stopped worrying about the fate of her best friend. She cried tears of joy when we told her about Edith’s surgery and new family. She said it was everything she had hoped and prayed for and everything that Edith deserved. Her best friend was now happy and pain free.