I know photos like these can be hard to see when you care about animals as much as you and I do. But this is Olive’s reality right now. She is going to need all of us to cheer her onto recovery.  

Yesterday afternoon, Olive was rushed to us at Brother Wolf. She arrived in so much pain, with more raw skin than hair covering her small, malnourished body. 

Exhausted by what has been weeks or months of suffering, Olive’s body kept trying to rest but every movement made her wince in pain — her skin so inflamed that she couldn’t even sit down. 

Olive so badly wanted comfort, but being touched pained her, so we gently stroked the patches of hair on her head and she leaned into our hands, giving us small wet puppy kisses.

Please donate today to help Olive and other animals like her who rely on Brother Wolf to help them heal.  

Olive is on multiple medications to make her comfortable. Last night was probably the first time in a long time that Olive has slept deeply. She will receive ongoing medical treatment for the demodectic mange and ailments that are plaguing her. Olive will recover in a loving foster home where she will receive multiple small meals a day to make her strong again.

This is the start of Olive’s new life. Join me in supporting Olive’s recovery by donating today to help her and animals like her who rely on us to create a better tomorrow for them, thank you.