Dear Friends,
It’s because of your kindness and generosity that Brother Wolf has continued to save animals’ lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Today I’d like to introduce you to two animals whose lives were forever changed thanks to you:
Beljan’s caretaker was an older man who loved Beljan with all of his heart. His health was failing and he worried what would happen to Beljan when he passed. His last wish was for his faithful companion to find another human who would love her just as much as he did.
Thanks to your support, we were able to fulfill his wish. Beljan is a sweet and loyal girl who loves to run and play. She’s a good listener who becomes ecstatic when she makes you happy. It didn’t take long for her to find the perfect adoptive home. Beljan was adopted by a young couple who fell in love with her.
She is doing great in her new home where she’s even befriended her three kitty cat siblings! Thanks to supporters like you, she will be safe, happy and loved for the rest of her life.

Dizzy Gillespie and his sister, Billie Holiday, came to Brother Wolf from one of our rural shelter partners that reached out for help.
They were tiny kittens and they needed specialized care, especially Dizzy. Dizzy was born without eyes. He went into surgery with one of our veterinarians to make sure there wasn’t an infection and that he could live a healthy life as a blind cat.
Luckily, he checked out just fine.
Dizzy doesn’t let his lack of sight get him down–he’s actually the little trouble maker of the litter! Dizzy is learning how to navigate life relying on his other senses and he’s doing great. Having his sister Billie by his side really helps! If it wasn’t for his eyes, you wouldn’t even know he was any different than his rambunctious sister. We’d like them to go to a home together so that Billie can continue to guide Dizzy safely through life. Thanks to supporters like you, we know their perfect home is out there and that they will be onto their next adventure in no time.
Thank you for being a friend to animals in good times and through difficult times. Together, we save lives.