Have you heard the exciting news?! Brother Wolf is launching a second mobile spay and neuter clinic!! We’re so thrilled to bring this lifesaving resource to animals in Western NC but we need your help to get this clinic up and running.

The coronavirus pandemic halted spay and neuter surgeries nationwide as communities were forced to suspend non-emergency veterinary services. This has resulted in a huge backlog of unaltered animals. We have a list of over 500 animals needing our services! Even before this pandemic, we couldn’t meet the need with just one clinic. This is why it’s more critical than ever to have a second mobile spay and neuter clinic serving animals in Western NC.

A second clinic will double our capacity, enabling us to serve an average of 180 animals each week! Spaying and neutering is so critical because it saves lives by reducing pet overpopulation. This second mobile clinic will travel around Western NC, providing low-cost services to many under-resourced communities. The ripple effect of 180 alteration surgeries a week is huge for animals! 

We need your help to raise the $90,000 in start-up costs to launch this clinic. We’re already 90% of the way to that goal (hurray!). Once the clinic is launched, it’s a fully sustainable program that will help animals for years to come.

We need your help to make this program a reality. Please donate today, thank you!