Tapatio was the runt of her litter. When she arrived at Brother Wolf she was so small that she was less than half the size of her littermates and extremely malnourished. Our medical team immediately went to work to save her. Unfortunately, Tapatio had a set back when she experienced a sudden seizure. This tiny little girl didn’t even weigh two pounds and she was fighting for her life.Tapatio is one of 88 cats and kittens Brother Wolf has rescued in the last 18 days. Most of them were very sick kittens like Tapatio who were born without a home; they were living on the streets in the summer heat and rain. They arrive at Brother Wolf covered in fleas, hungry, dehydrated, and so weak that they can barely stand, but we’re able to give them the care they need thanks to your donations.

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As of today, we’re halfway through our donation matching challenge to raise $40,000 in 40 days! Our generous donors, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson, believe strongly in Brother Wolf’s work and have made this incredible giving opportunity possible. They are matching donations up for only 20 more days. Please give now to have your donation doubled for the animals!Every dollar matters because every dollar makes a difference in the lives of animals like Tapatio. She’s growing stronger each day because of caring people like you. Together, we save lives.