A heartwarming story we had to share: “Prior to my move to Asheville I had the awful decision of having to put down my 14 year old pup, Sparky. I didn’t think that I could ever bring myself to have another dog after he had his last breath while I held him. It was only at the persistence of friends that I arrived at Brother Wolf with the full intention of making a donation and walking out alone.

We walked through the adoption area, and I came upon a dog that was lying on a blanket away from the gate. He heard us and got up and walked slowly over to us, wagging his tail. He put his paw up on the gate and it was obvious that he was super sweet. My friends that were with me knew what was going to happen. I adopted him!!!
His name is Peanut. He has adapted so well to his new forever home. He is a total sweetheart and never lets me out of his site. Peanut loves all other dogs, cats and definitely the attention of anyone that approaches us. He loves walks on the endless trails that surround our home and is a wonderful passenger anywhere we go in the car.
Thank you Brother Wolf for all that you do. I am forever grateful that I brought this pup into my life!”