In honor of all the amazing fathers out there we wanted to share a story that shows what love and patience can accomplish, and how rewarding being a dog dad can be…

From Dean: Lola was once an emotional wreck. So much so that Brother Wolf was reluctant to adopt her out. She was painfully afraid of men. Especially men wearing ball hats. At the sight of me, she would run, bark her head off and pee on the floor.

I always talked in a soft voice and never went up to her. Then one night, with my hand dangling over my chair, I felt something cold and wet touch my hand. It was the breakthrough that I had been waiting for.

I’ve always let Lola be Lola on her terms. It’s taken nearly 4 years, but our nightly routine now is her curled up with me in my chair! She is my best buddy. Lola can still can be anxious at times, but when she gets anxious she runs to me instead of away from me.

To all of the dads out there, whether your child is two-or four-legged, we are grateful for your love, patience, kindness, and compassion.