If you follow us on social media, you may remember the incredible transformation of a puppy named Hope. At only two months old, she was found discarded in a garbage bag in a tremendous amount of pain from the chemical burns that covered her body. A kind soul brought her to a partnered shelter, who then reached out to us for help with her care.

Thanks to the overwhelming support of our community, we were able to provide Hope with the treatment she desperately needed to survive. Given her age and condition, helping her heal was no easy feat! Our veterinarian, Dr. McAndrew, performed a surgery to remove necrotic tissue from Hope’s ear and body, and brought her home to give around-the-clock care. She received pain medication, antibiotics, topical ointments, and wound flushes to aid in her recovery, and Dr. McAndrew even cradled the puppy in her arms each night because Hope was in too much pain to lay down. From soft blankets and puppy toys to the monetary donations that allowed us to provide the life-saving surgical procedures, generosity came in from near and far as we all worked together to save Hope.

We’re thrilled to announce that Hope is now thriving in her forever home with her beloved dad, Jim, and her new furry siblings! Jim learned about Hope the day she arrived at Brother Wolf, and instantly knew she was meant to be a part of his family. He has been a devoted puppy parent from the very start, calling to check on Hope’s progress every day when she was in Brother Wolf’s care. And since taking her home last month, Jim has continued to stay in touch with photos and stories about how she’s settling into her new life. “This little lady is flat out unbelievable,” he shared. “She loves to play and if she is not playing all she wants is affection.”

Despite the cruel experiences she faced as a puppy, Hope’s resilient spirit allowed her to fully heal and soak up all the love from Brother Wolf and her new family. She spends her days romping around with her new furry siblings, and snuggling up with Jim at every opportunity. Since bringing Hope into his family, Jim’s life has brightened just as much as Hope’s. “I could not ask for a better baby. She is very, very rare and I cannot believe how smart she is,” he said.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support that allowed us to give Hope the happy, healthy life she deserves. You can give a special donation today to support other animals like Hope. Your donation will go twice as far for the animals during our 40 day $40,000 matching gift challenge! Give today and double your impact, thank you.