We have some great news! About 15 days ago, we introduced you to Olive. Olive arrived at Brother Wolf in so much pain, with more raw skin than hair covering her small, malnourished body. She was suffering from a very bad skin infection. Olive’s condition broke our heart, and yours. So many of you stepped up to help her.

Today, I want to share some wonderful news with you: Olive is healing and happy!

Thanks to the dedicated care of her loving foster home, including skin treatments and daily medication, Olive has made huge strides forward. Her feet aren’t painfully swollen anymore, she has started to put on weight, and her energy is up — she’s even chasing balls around the house!

Can you believe how much better her skin looks?! She can now relax. She’s no longer in pain. Olive is comfortable and cozy, thanks to supporters like you.

Thank you for bringing hope and healing to Olive. Together we save lives.





P.S. Did you hear that we’re launching a second low-cost mobile spay and neuter clinic? Watch the celebration video here! Many thanks to Fido Fixers and the donors who have made this a reality!