Her eyes were full of sadness, worry and pain. She knew today was the day they were leaving for good. A small bag was packed. A feeling of anxiety hung heavy in the air. Today was the day they would take the first step in escaping the domestic violence that had shadowed their life. 

During coronavirus lockdowns, reports of domestic violence have risen dramatically. Fear of violence directed towards a beloved pet often delays a victim from leaving their abuser.

That’s why Brother Wolf’s Keep Me Safe program is so critical, especially right now. Keep Me Safe supports victims of domestic violence by providing a safe place for their animals to stay while they take the steps they need to create safety for themselves, their children, and the pets they love.

“Duchess has been my love, my joy, and the only true friend that I’ve had over the past four years. I couldn’t leave her behind. I was so worried about what might happen to her. Duchess and me depend on each other. We protect each other. Knowing she was in a safe place helped me pick up the pieces and get back to her as quickly as I could.”

I’m hoping you will join us in offering peace and protection to the families and pets who are struggling right now. Please consider giving to our Keep Me Safe program fund today, thank you.




Keep Me Safe donations support people and pets in this program by providing help the animals need, such as supplies, food, medical care, temporary boarding, and pet deposits for a new, safe living situation. For privacy and safety purposes, none of the photos used in this email are photos of pets in Brother Wolf’s Keep Me Safe program and names of referenced animals have been changed.