We are so excited to be launching a second low-cost mobile spay and neuter clinic to serve animals in Western North Carolina! Spaying and neutering is essential to lifesaving, so when Fido Fixers asked us if we wanted to operate a second unit, we knew we’d jump through any hoops necessary to bring this resource to our community.  Fido Fixers leases mobile spay and neuter units to partner organizations who then staff and operate the clinics to serve animals in their region. Two of these units are now operated by Brother Wolf!

One of those hoops turned out to be picking up the unit from Texas! Luckily, our partners at the ASPCA stepped up to help us out. The ASPCA sent two staff members from the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance in Asheville all the way to Texas to pick up the mobile unit and drive it back to its new home in North Carolina.


Brother Wolf’s two mobile units will complete about 180 surgeries a week and will serve nine counties in Western North Carolina! We often see unwanted litters of dogs and cats relinquished to an already overcrowded shelter system in North Carolina. By providing affordable spay and neuter services, we can prevent unwanted litters and therefore decrease the number of pets who become homeless in the first place.

In doing this work on behalf of animals, we know how critical it is for organizations to work together. We’re so grateful to all of our lifesaving partners, especially our donors, Fido Fixers, and the ASPCA who have made this second clinic a reality!