For years, Brother Wolf has worked across county lines helping thousands of homeless animals within the Western North Carolina region. Today, we step onto the international stage by accepting dogs into our care who have been rescued from the horrors of a South Korean dog meat farm. 

Since 2015, members of Humane Society International (HSI) have been making a global impact through their Models for Change program, which aims to stop the consumption of dog meat by traveling to countries like South Korea and providing dog meat farmers with practical tools to leave the industry for good. The dogs in Brother Wolf’s care come from HSI’s 18th South Korean dog farm closure where over 100 dogs were evacuated. 

A recent poll shows that 87.5% of South Koreans do not eat dog meat, and a legal ban of the consumption of dog meat is supported by almost 60% of the country. Yet there are still up to one million dogs experiencing daily neglect while being confined in these farms. 

Meat farm dogs are typically born and raised inside of wire cages with no protection from harsh weather conditions. They are often provided with little food and water. Many suffer from disease and malnutrition before being killed by electrocution. 

For the first time in their lives, these dogs will run and play freely and be surrounded by care at Brother Wolf. 

Please consider donating today to support the daily care and medical needs these dogs will require to recover and heal prior to being placed in loving adoptive homes. As part of Brother Wolf’s Spring Match Challenge, a generous community member is matching all donations through the end of April up to $50,000! Right now, your donation will go twice as far to help defenseless animals.

We know these dogs’ paths to the life of a beloved companion will be challenging. We’re grateful to be here to help them along. The dogs will be placed into caring Brother Wolf foster homes while they heal from their physical and emotional wounds. Once they are ready for adoption, they will be posted as available on our website.

Thanks to Brother Wolf supporters, the pain and neglect these dogs have faced will soon be a distant memory. Their nightmare is over.

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