Friends, we were wondering if we could share some joy with you today?

Each animal who arrives at Brother Wolf – whether young or old – faces their own set of unique challenges. In fact, at Brother Wolf we take on many of the challenging medical cases that our rural shelter partners aren’t able to address. It’s thanks to your support that these furry bundles of love have found their way into the warm arms of their adoptive families.

When we first met Champ, we knew that a difficult path stretched out before him. At eight-years-old, this incredibly sweet boy was suffering from painful dental disease and his tiny body was covered only by thin patches of fur. Champ quivered with each step outside in the cool mountain air.

With generous grant funding from Grey Muzzle and supporters like you, getting the best medical care for Champ was made possible. And with the help of a loving Brother Wolf foster home, Champ was able to spend each day growing into a more confident and comfortable dog. In fact, his foster mom fell so much in love with him that she made it official and adopted Champ! Today he’s living his best life surrounded by care and joy.

Thank you for your support that makes it possible for Brother Wolf to give homeless animals the lives they have always deserved.