This is hard. We have to write you about something we wish never happened. Because right now, things are really difficult, and the animals need your support.

Each week we help our community by bringing animals into our care from under-resourced shelters and community members. Last week we welcomed a litter of puppies with nowhere else to turn – it was their last chance.

Unfortunately, they are now showing symptoms of a highly contagious virus. One of the most awful things that can happen. 

They are the sweetest puppies, and seeing them feel sick is heartbreaking. Our team is working around the clock to keep them alive. 

While this is a challenge we never wanted to face, we are grateful they are with us – because we know they now have a chance to survive.

In response to this illness, we have quarantined these puppies from our other dogs, dramatically increased cleaning frequencies across all of our buildings, and purchased additional medical supplies for the sick dogs in our care.

To give these puppies their best shot at recovery, we desperately need your help. We now face unanticipated costs above and beyond our average yearly medical budget. Luckily, we have a generous community member doubling donations up to $50,000 right now.

While we face this unexpected situation headfirst, there is comfort in knowing you are by our side. If you can, please help.

Share: Please share this e-mail with friends, family, and neighbors… Word of mouth can make a critical difference during difficult times like this!

Volunteer: We have volunteer shifts available. Each hour-long shift will include providing a sick puppy with love, affection, and reassurance that everything will be ok. Find more information here.

Donate: Our Spring Match Challenge is currently in full swing. All donations are being matched by a generous community member through the end of April up to $50,000. You can double your impact on the animals recovering in our adoption center!

Thank you for being here for the animals who need you most. Thank you for your kindness and support – now and always.

Please, please help if you can.