Did you know that when you choose to become a foster at your local shelter, you are not only providing comfort and care to one animal, but you are actually helping to save other homeless animals too by opening up that kennel space for another dog or cat?

Fostering is one of the most valuable resources an individual can provide to their local shelter. Which is why we want to share this happy, heartwarming video with you today that celebrates three special Brother Wolf foster homes! This 60-second video gives you a peek into the life of a foster parent, and the absolute joy that comes with helping animals in need on their healing journeys.

Interested in fostering with Brother Wolf this year? We are always in need of foster placement for our animals, and Brother Wolf covers all foster animal expenses. Visit our website here for more information or send an email to to get connected to our team!

If you are interested in fostering, but are not in the Asheville area, reach out to your local shelter to ask how you can become a foster today! Foster homes make it possible for shelters to expand the number of animals they can help, which saves animals’ lives.