Dear friend,

You and me, we’re in this together. And we’re here because of them: the puppies born under an abandoned house; the bonded pair of elderly cats looking for someone to live out their golden years with; the dogs rescued from a euthanasia list just an hour away; the sick kitten dumped in someone’s front yard; the bunnies who became a forgotten gift. The call to help these animals unites us.

We’re facing a challenging time in Brother Wolf’s history, but together we’re rebuilding. Our programs are strong and impactful. We know how to save lives and build No-Kill communities. Now, together, we must strengthen the foundation that supports this critical work to ensure that we will always be here for the animals who count on us.

I’m excited to let you know that you have the opportunity right now to DOUBLE your impact for the animals. For the next 40 days, donations up to $40,000 will be matched! This means that a $50 donation has a $100 impact, a $250 donation has a $500 impact, and a $500 donation has a $1,000 impact for the animals.

This matching gift opportunity has been made possible by generous donors who believe in our lifesaving work. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson have been involved with Brother Wolf for years and they know first hand the impact that Brother Wolf has on animals in our community.

Just last week they came across a puppy who had wandered away from home. Through their kindness and Brother Wolf’s assistance, she was reunited with her family who had been searching for her.

Like you and me, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson share their home with animals who bring love and laughter to their lives. They are rescuers and caretakers…their animals are family.I’m asking you to join the Wilsons in standing up for the thousands of animals Brother Wolf will help this year. Together we are all Brother Wolf.

Make the most of this exciting chance to have your generosity matched dollar for dollar for the animals. Your gift today will go twice as far, and together we will save lives!








P.S. You have the opportunity to do twice the good with one donation. Donate today to double your impact for the animals!