Dear Friend,

You know how you have those dogs or cats who you fall deep in love with at first sight? Well, Ranger is one of those dogs for me. He’s a big boy with giant paws, but he’s severely underweight. His giant head has those gentle eyes that only open about half way when he looks up at you. He’s likely been through a lot, and his long back legs shook with nervousness when he arrived at Brother Wolf.


Ranger, Jax and Betty took a trip on our mobile spay and neuter clinic last week. These three dogs were at the TransylvaniaCounty shelter, which is one of our neighboring counties in western North Carolina. Our mobile clinic is there each week performing spay and neuter surgeries in a community that has limited resources.
On the day when the dogs hitched a ride, our clinic veterinarian and staff performed 30 surgeries on animals from the county shelter, owned pets, and community cats! Our friends in Transylvania county were at full capacity with animals and reached out to Brother Wolf to help. So at the end of a long day of surgeries, our staff happily brought Jax, Betty and Ranger back to Brother Wolf.

To help Ranger put on weight and feel more comfortable during the transition, one of our incredible staff members temporarily took Ranger home. He’s been enjoying family life and learning how to be comfortable and loved from Clyde, another dog in the home. He looks to Clyde to know when it is time to eat or go outside — but most importantly, when to get up on the couch and have a comfortable nap in the sun.
Because of supporters like you, the lives of animals are being changed every day. You are the ones who make impactful programs like our spay and neuter clinic a reality. This program will perform over 5,500 surgeries this year (wow!).

Together we’re decreasing the number of animals who will need to enter an already crowded shelter system and building a future where healthy and adoptable animals are no longer euthanized due to a lack of space and resources. Brother Wolf’s spay and neuter clinic has a huge impact on the animals of western North Carolina and it’s only possible because of donors like you.
On behalf of my new heartthrob, Ranger, and all of the other dogs and cats who will come to Brother Wolf this year looking for their families, thank you. Together we save lives. Together we build No-Kill communities!
P.S. You can visit to learn more about Ranger and Betty and fill out an adoption application (Jax has already been adopted!).

More information about our spay-neuter clinic can be found at


Donations to support animals like Ranger can be made at And if you’re in Transylvania County, stop by the Brother Wolf Treasure Shop at 515 North Broad Street in Brevard where all proceeds benefit our animals and impactful programs. Thank you!