With a costly surgery pushing Casper’s family towards homelessness, they worried about how they would take care of him. Despite being deeply loved, Casper’s health had badly declined over time. His body was covered with open sores and wounds, and his arthritic hips caused him to live with daily pain.

So his family made the hardest and kindest choice, and surrendered Casper to Brother Wolf so he could get the care he desperately needed.



Rising costs for vet care, food and medications are causing many families with pets to make this heartbreaking choice right now. The decision is never made lightly and it’s often a life or death situation with very few options.

Thanks to support from compassionate people like you, Casper was given the chance to heal in Brother Wolf’s care.



As Casper settled into his new routine, staff here couldn’t help but fall in love with his sweet personality. Casper is a gentle giant who loves receiving soft pets, playing with other dogs outside, and running wild with his favorite thing: a soccer ball!

Sweet, senior boy Casper is proof that community, companionship, care and love make all the difference for an animal in need.

Thank you for being part of this community. A community that won’t let animals suffer. Thousands of animals just like Casper will be helped this year thanks to you. Together, we save lives.