People have let Treasure down. Her painful flakey skin tells a story that we try not to think about. In her six short months on earth, she hasn’t seen the best in people.


Looking at her big puppy eyes, you may think she would be afraid, scared, and not trusting of humans. When she walked in Brother Wolf’s doors, we quickly learned that was not the case.


Treasure is bursting with joy, forgiveness, and love. She is a daily reminder that animals can teach us so much about resiliency and living in the present.



We only have 48 hours left to take advantage of a generous donor’s pledge to match donations up to $50,000 during our Spring Match Challenge. We are about 85% of the way there, but we need you to give generously to help us make our goal for the animals a reality!


Treasure needs time to heal physically, and with supporters like you, we can give her that time and specialized care. Please donate today so that neglected animals like Treasure know that there are people who do care enough to help them.