Every day at Brother Wolf, our dedicated team receives emails, calls, and messages about animals who need our help.
When we learned about a momma dog and her young pup, we knew if Brother Wolf didn’t help, no one else would. They were at a very crowded, mostly outdoor shelter in the mountains. Momma Kasey had tested positive for heartworms – a treatable, but expensive medical condition. The rural shelter couldn’t pay for the costly treatment and reached out to us to save her, and her baby.


We knew that if we said no, Kasey might not make it out of there, and if she didn’t make it…well, it pained us to think about what could happen to the one puppy she had worked so hard to keep alive.
The calls, emails, and messages begging us to take animals who are at risk of being euthanized simply for a lack of space or costly medical conditions never stop. They happen all day, every day.
That is why a generous supporter is matching donations up to $50,000 right now! This funding will make it possible to say “Yes! We can help” to the next desperate message we receive.

We need you, our community, to help us take advantage of this special opportunity for the animals who need us.

When sweet momma Kasey first arrived at Brother Wolf, she made long and gentle eye contact with us – almost like she was trying to tell us something. We quickly realized she was trying…something was terribly wrong with her puppy Lucy. Tiny Lucy tested positive for parvo, a highly contagious and often fatal virus with a long road to recovery.

Donate now, and your gift will go twice as far! Donations matched up to $50,000 will help animals like Kasey and Lucy.

Because of Brother Wolf and supporters like you, Kasey and Lucy will heal with expert medical care and go on to live full lives surrounded in love and sunshine, just like they deserve.

When you donate to Brother Wolf, you help animals who have been neglected, abused, and forgotten. Brother Wolf is a critical safety net for animals who have no other options. Please donate now so we can say YES to the next animal needing a safe place to land, thank you.

Together we save lives.