Everyone deserves to be surrounded by love at the holiday season. Thanks to you, Linus and Schroder will have their best holiday yet!

Without Brother Wolf, Linus and Schroder wouldn’t have made it. Both of these sweet boys found themselves at a shelter that simply didn’t have the resources to give them the medical care they needed. Schroder was suffering from a bacterial skin infection and Linus had a painfully infected tooth that had caused an abscess on his cheek. 

Schroder needed medicine. Linus needed dental surgery. Without the resources to provide those treatments, the rural shelter was out of options and had scheduled them for euthanasia. 
But luckily at Brother Wolf, caring donors provide us with the support we need to change the course of animals’ lives – animals just like Schroder and Linus!

We brought them both to Brother Wolf where they received the lifesaving treatments they needed. Their kind eyes said it all: Thank you for saving me.



This holiday season, Schroder and Linus will be surrounded by their adoptive families. They will curl up on the couch, they will play in the snow, and they will probably even sneak some tasty treats from the table. They will experience a life of joy, love and companionship. Your gifts made that possible.









So many other animals like them are counting on us to change their lives forever. And right now, you have the chance to make twice the impact. All donations are being doubled by a generous donor through the end of the year, up to $25,000! Give today and together we will save lives.


Happy holidays from Schroder, Linus, and the thousands of others who you have made a difference to this year.

P.S. Your gifts to the animals will be doubled through December 31st, up to $25,000! Donate today to make double the impact for animals in need.