The concrete floor was cold and hard. She dragged out the thin blanket that had been left for her, pawing at it to make a bed. Her babies were coming. 

She gave birth to seven small puppies and they nestled close to her. She barely had enough energy to raise her head. She was just skin and bones. The eight of them fell asleep on the floor, keeping each other warm.

Without a safe home, they weren’t going to make it. So when we learned about this malnourished mama and her babies, we brought them all to Brother Wolf. We knew we could find a loving foster home to care for them.

We were able to save their lives because of supporters like you. Your support gave them a second chance. And to celebrate your generosity, a donor has stepped up to match dollar-for-dollar any contribution you make to the animals of Brother Wolf by the end of the year, up to $25,000. Please don’t delay, the animals are counting on us.


We named her Snow White and her seven beautiful puppies took the names of Snow White’s seven dwarves. Their life had been far from a fairytale, but we had the chance to turn it around. We knew we could give them a better future because you always step up to give us the tools we need to save lives.

Snow White was so scared that first day at Brother Wolf. Kindness from humans wasn’t something she had experienced much of. She looked at us with skeptical, worried eyes, wondering if she could trust us.

Her foster mom arrived and sat on the floor with her, surrounded by warm blankets. She talked sweetly to Snow White while she fed her tasty treats. After about an hour, Snow White let her pet the babies. Within a week, Snow White was sitting in her foster mom’s lap. This was the good life. Her puppies were finally safe, and so was she.

This is why your support is so critical. Thousands of animals’ lives were saved by Brother Wolf this year thanks to the support of caring people like you. Make this holiday season extra special by sending in a donation for the animals today. All donations will be matched  – dollar for dollar – up to $25,000!

Today Snow White and each of her puppies have been adopted into loving homes. Homes where they will spend this holiday season surrounded by warmth and love, thanks to you. They will have long, happy lives. Donate today to double the impact of your donation for other animals in need up to $25,000. 

Snow White and her babies were saved because you continue to give us the opportunity to help the animals who need us most. So many other animals have been saved because of you, including Empire. Empire faced being euthanized in a county shelter that wasn’t able to offer her the medical care she needed.

She suffered from extreme allergies that caused agonizing skin irritation and open flesh wounds. After months of implementing multiple therapies with little improvement, a specialist discovered she was reacting to a number of environmental allergens that are common in Western North Carolina.

Empire would never thrive in North Carolina’s environment, so we reached out to you, our caring supporters, and found a way to get Empire a new life in Arizona, where she could live free of allergens. A life free of suffering. A life full of joy, love, and cat naps in sunny spots.

You and I know that there is nothing more valuable than these precious lives. At Brother Wolf we work diligently to ensure safe, happy, and healthy homes for all of them. With your gift to the animals this holiday season, you can help twice as many pets in need during our gift match challenge. Please join us in working to find every homeless pet a loving home for the holidays.

There is no greater gift we can give them.

Wishing you peace, love and joy this season and always. Thank you for your compassion and thank you for working alongside us to save lives.

P.S. Animals like Empire and Snow are alive today because of you – and all of us at Brother Wolf are so grateful. But we must not stop now. We have so much to do for the animals in 2020, and we need friends like you with us. Please send your tax-deductible year-end gift to the animals today. Your donation will be doubled in size and impact, up to $25,000 through the end of the year!