We’re reaching out to you this morning with a heartwarming story about a dog’s life that was saved by some very special volunteers. Meet the magical, mythical, handsome boy named Beauford!

Beauford was picked up as a scared stray when someone saw him being attacked by another dog and called the police for help. That is how Beauford ended up at an overcrowded county shelter.

Through Brother Wolf’s relationship with partner shelters, we take in animals from overburdened facilities every week and bring them to Brother Wolf where they can continue their journey to finding loving, adoptive homes. This is how we came to know Beauford.

When Beauford arrived at Brother Wolf he was extremely underweight, had dirt and matts in his coat, and was confused about what was going to happen to him. During his initial exam, we found out some unexpected and sad news: Beauford has heartworms.

Heartworm treatment for a dog of his size would be a large, unforeseen expense for us. The county shelter that we took Beauford from doesn’t treat for heartworms, so Brother Wolf was his only chance. 

As fate would have it, our Outward Hounds hiking volunteers were at Brother Wolf that morning. We told them about Beauford, and they wanted to meet him. They fell in love with him instantly and wanted to be a part of saving his life. Within 24 hours, they had raised the funds that would pay for Beauford’s heartworm treatment!

Two days later, a young couple visiting Brother Wolf decided he would be the perfect fit for their family. Their pyrenees mix had recently passed away and Beauford reminded them so much of him.

Over the next several months, Brother Wolf will oversee Beauford’s heartworm treatment while he lives in his soon-to-be adoptive home. How lucky he is to be in a comfy home learning what family means and how it feels to be treated with love and care.

When we work together, we create meaningful change in the world. Thank you for giving us the tools we need to help animals like Beauford!