*Update! Jethro has been updated!

A community member reached out to us desperately seeking assistance for several cats who needed immediate medical care. Their names were Jethro, Joy, and Smokey. You may remember hearing about Joy and Smokey on our Facebook page, two cats whose eyes were matted closed and infected due to a birth defect. 

Jethro had the same painfully infected eyes. While he may look blind, Jethro luckily sees very well. Jethro had developed a rare condition that caused his eyelids to turn inwards against his eye, causing a lot of pain and irritation. After realizing the cause of Jethro’s eye infection, our medical team quickly went to work, helping Jethro to feel comfortable and healthy once again. Several surgeries had to be performed to correct Jethro’s painful condition. 

A loving foster home took Jethro in while he healed from his surgeries. Jethro soaked in all the new experiences. Jethro was even able to go to work with his foster mom where he got to explore and meet all sorts of new people. He wanted to meet and greet everyone! He adorably greets new people with a chirp and a head butt. We don’t think he has ever met a stranger in his life! His friendly, curious nature is easy to love. Jethro enjoys the company of any cat he is introduced to and he even played with the dog in his foster home. 

Now that Jethro has fully recovered from his surgeries, he is ready for a permanent home. Jethro can see his future clearly: a sunny windowsill, plenty of head scratches, and a comfortable life to look forward to. 

If you are interested in adopting Jethro, you can apply here. You can also see a full list of adoptable animals on our website.