His fur was covered by a layer of dirt and fleas. His skin was marked with sores. Tofu struggled just to stay standing. This sweet and gentle boy is so severely emaciated. From his ribs to his hips, each fragile bone can be seen along his tiny body.

The pain and sadness behind Tofu’s large, brown eyes speaks more about his tragic story than our words can explain. And while difficult to read, we believe that his story needs to be told – he deserves it after fighting to stay alive.

At two-years-old, Tofu has already experienced so many hard days that we can barely stand to imagine his life before Brother Wolf. He endured things no dog should ever experience.

When you donate to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue before the end of the year, your gift will be matched up to $85,000 to help abused and abandoned animals. Please help us give the gift of healing to homeless animals this holiday season.

With plenty of time at a loving Brother Wolf foster home, we hope to see Tofu heal from his past. For the first time he’s now getting to experience the joy of a soft bed and the comfort of a full belly. With you by our side, we can save other homeless animals in our community who are still waiting for help.

Through the end of 2022, your donation will be doubled thanks to the generosity of three special families. Suffering animals can’t save themselves. They are counting on you, so please do not wait! Together we save lives.

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With gratitude to The Wilson Family for their generosity in remembrance of Jean Harvey Wilson – wife, mother, musician.