A generous donor wants to help homeless animals, so they are matching all donations, up to $35,000…BUT only for 24 hours in honor of GivingTuesday today. Will you help the animals who need you most today?

When supporters like you give generously, dogs like Basil are given a chance at a happy life. From the start, we were aware that Basil had some medical concerns, but we had no idea just how much care she would need in order to make a full recovery.

Despite her young age and bright smile, Basil was in a lot of pain and needed orthopedic surgery to fix both her hips. With major surgery, months of bed rest, and physical therapy looming on the horizon, we knew that we could not manage her care alone. Thankfully, with passionate animal lovers like you in our corner, we knew that Basil would be okay. 


I want to help animals be free from pain. Double my donation!


Every week, Brother Wolf takes in animals who have been living in pain and need immediate medical care. There are so many animals in our community who need Brother Wolf’s help right now. You can help take their pain away by making a donation today.

Your gift will show suffering animals that they also deserve a joy-filled life. After all, it’s because of your generosity that Basil is now pain free and surrounded by care and love in her adoptive home. Please help us do the same for the other animals waiting on us, thank you.

I want to help animals be free from pain. Double my donation!

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