We knew Mokii was going to need specialized treatment right from the start. At a year old, she was three times smaller than her brother. She wasn’t running and playing like a young dog. Instead, Mokii was quiet and distant.

After many diagnostic tests, including a CT scan, the veterinarians determined that Mokii had a critical, life-threatening issue. Mokii’s liver wasn’t working as a cleaning station for her blood like it’s supposed to. Toxins were building up in her body and making her sick. It was so bad that it was starting to cause neurological issues. Mokii’s little body needed help and we were prepared to do anything necessary to make sure she would have a chance to live a happy life. 

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Mokii was put on a special diet and lots of medications in preparations for the life or death surgery she would have to undergo. As her fragile body prepared for what was ahead, Mokii went to live in a loving foster home where she could be monitored around the clock.

On the day of surgery, her foster parents gave her kisses on her head and told her she was strong and would do great. It was a big surgery for her tiny body, but Mokii is a fighter and we believed she would pull through.


Luckily, the surgery was a great success! Mokii is now recovering with her foster (now adoptive!) parents. And boy did she hit the jackpot with this home! She has doggie siblings who live with her and they love playing and cuddling with each other. And she loves getting mini marshmallow treats (Dr approved!) when she’s a good girl.

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