Words alone are never enough to truly express our gratitude for your support of Brother Wolf’s lifesaving work. So, during this season of gratitude, we thought we’d paint a picture for you of the good you’ve spread in the world lately:

Tonight, a dog named Comet is at home with his new best friend. His belly is full, and he is warm…things he never consistently experienced before. Comet and his human love to go on hikes in the mountains together and listen to music in the kitchen while cooking dinner. Instead of a lonely life on a chain, he’s living the life he’s always dreamed of. He’s now considered a family member, thanks to you.

Tonight, a cat named Socks is bundled up on the couch with her adoptive family. She makes soft biscuits with her paws while her human gives her gentle pets. She has physically healed from the hard life she had before and, in this setting surrounded by peaceful love, her heart is healing too.

This year, your support has created hundreds of happily-ever-after stories for animals like Comet and Socks. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for showing kindness, generosity, and care to helpless animals in need. Thank you for being part of changing their lives forever.

With deep gratitude,
Your friends at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue