Together, we have done it again. We first heard about Bambi and Thumper when concerned campers reached out to us. They had found a sweet momma and her pups alone at a campsite, and they knew one thing with certainty…they needed help.

By the time a volunteer was able to get to them, only one puppy was left with mom. We were told campers had taken the more outgoing pups, and left mom with her shy baby. Bambi was malnourished and her baby, Thumper, was suffering from terrible flea and worm infestations.

The first thing we noticed about the pair, when they settled in at our adoption center, was what a loving and attentive mom Bambi was to Thumper. Every time we brought them food, Bambi waited until Thumper had a full belly before taking her first bite. Even with a roof over their heads, fluffy blankets to keep them warm, and plenty of food available, Bambi still wanted nothing more than to provide for her pup. It’s probably how she kept them alive all that time at the campground.

Surrounded by care and love, the pair learned to trust humans in their lives once again, and have since found their adoptive homes where they will be cherished for the rest of their lives!

From start to finish, the Brother Wolf community made miracles happen for Bambi and Thumper. Because of the support we receive from generous and caring people like you, these once abandoned dogs now have amazing lives ahead of them.

Thank you for your dedication to helping animals find the happily ever afters they deserve.