No-Kill communities are a result of hard work and communities banding together to support each other in our efforts to save lives. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to act when our friends at Haywood County Shelter needed our help after rescuing 20 dogs from a hoarding situation.

By transporting 7 of the dogs into our care at Brother Wolf, we were able to free up valuable space and resources to alleviate pressure on the rural county shelter.

After less than a week in our care, three of the dogs have already found loving forever homes!

Then there is a gal named Edie who is still waiting to meet her future family… could it be you? Because of the conditions she was kept in before her rescue, her feet are torn up and she’s missing a lot of fur.

But that hasn’t stopped her from befriending everyone she meets!

Edie has quickly become a favorite of staff and volunteers, and we know she’ll get to start her new life soon, in the cozy and loving home she deserves. Please consider making a donation today to help us stay best prepared to act quickly when animals like Edie are in danger. We’d never be able to do this lifesaving work without you. Together, we can build and strengthen No-Kill communities.