Smoke filled their eyes and noses, it was dark and hot. They made it out just in time with their mom by their side. A house fire is a devastating tragedy. As scary as it is for a person, it’s completely disorienting for animals. All of their comfort, routines, and safety are snatched away.
Maggie and Maddie May went from living a comfortable life with their elderly mother, to suddenly having their world turned upside down.
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Because of supporters like you, Brother Wolf was able to help them. You see, their mom found temporary housing, but heartbreakingly she couldn’t bring her beloved dogs with her.
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Our Keep Me Safe program has expanded during this difficult year to be a safety net for not only domestic violence survivors but also for community members experiencing tragedy. While living in a foster home, we cover all the costs for the animals in this program, from food to flea and tick medicine…even a surgery for injuries like Maggie May had to her eye that resulted in it needing to be removed. 
So many animals and their families have benefited from the safety net of Brother Wolf’s Keep Me Safe program. Keeping families together and helping others when they need us.
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Maggie and Maddie May’s stories are not done yet. We’re hopeful their mom will be able to take them back. In the chance she isn’t able to, we will find them loving homes.
It takes all of us working together to change lives. Thank you for being part of our lifesaving team.