A new staff member started working at Brother Wolf the other day. They arrived full of pep and enthusiasm but I watched their smile change quickly and their eyes widen … Tied to our Adoption Center’s bike rack was a confused, cowering dog who had been left on our doorstep. “This happens?! Someone just left her here?,” I heard from the new staff member. “Yes,” I explained…we’re seeing this a lot right now.

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We lovingly removed the dog’s leash from the bike rack, moving slowly to make sure she knew we were kind and that she was in a safe place. We named her Ladybug. Her sweet eyes still showed confusion and concern as we got her set up that first day.

As families in our community are struggling, their pets are too. Many families aren’t able to give their animals the life they want for them, and that sometimes means they make the decision to bring them to Brother Wolf, where they know they will be cared for.
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Thank you for being a part of Brother Wolf’s lifesaving work that creates happily-ever-afters for animals who once faced desperate futures. You are their lifeline. Thank you for caring.

With gratitude,

Leah Craig Chumbley

Executive Director, Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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